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6 Months Postpartum

Updated: May 27, 2021

I’m really nervous to write this post as someone who hasn’t “bounced back” with pregnancy weight. I gained 30lbs in total with my pregnancy and I was always told, “oh you will lose the weight so fast while breastfeeding....” lies! It was all lies! Now I’m not shy about my weight and you shouldn’t compare yourself to me but I want to share my journey and my insecurities.

I am 5’2 so I am a short little thing but my prepregnancy weight was 110lbs-115lbs. I have a more athletic build but it definitely depends where I was in life on that weight. I have always been on the small side though.


Below is my body in the first trimester.

Now I gained 30lbs during pregnancy so that took me up to a maximum of 140lbs, which is in the normal range.

This was taken the morning of Ryton‘s birth.

After Ryton was born I immediately lost 10lbs and then another 5, so I was down to 125 and that is where I stayed and stayed and stayed. I worked out. I stayed at 125. I ate healthy with a keto diet. I stayed at 125. I went on walks. I stayed at 125. Now I am not a huge eater. I am small so I don’t require more than 1200-1300 calories a day so I ate a bit more than that as I was breastfeeding but then dropped it back down when my supply was set. Then I started calorie counting knowing that I’m not snacking a lot and I’m not eating complete junk. I was however, going through major pb&j cravings. So for one meal (Normally lunch) I’d have a pb&j. I went back to my original routine of intermittent fasting (only when I knew it wouldn’t affect my milk) and I now have started gaining weight. Last I checked I’m back up to 131 which I have never been in my life.

I am now understanding other things that is wrong with my body though and I am thinking that this weight gain isn’t something that I’m doing but something that my body, (or my guess) my thyroid, is causing my body to do. I was having really bad hot flushes after childbirth but recently is when the other symptoms are appearing. I’m having a bit of heart palpitations, I am sometimes so exhausted that I feel like I’m in such a fog and can’t clear my head from it. If I don’t nap during this fog, I am so incredibly irritable that I’m snapping at everything except Ryton. I can’t snap at him when he smiles so sweetly. Another symptom that I am facing is that I am constantly thirsty and no amount of water is quenching it so it has started to give me more of a sweet tooth.

Ill even walk you through what I ate today, so you can see that I’m not gutsing myself.

Breakfast - decaf coffee with French vanilla creamer and a scoop of collagen. We were going to have a bigger breakfast but I had to take my dog to the vet as he had a foxtail in his ear. $450 later we were able to come home and our breakfast became our lunch.

Lunch- stopped in at Dutch brothers because I was thirsty waiting for the vet. (This is a rarity and don’t normally do this). I had a medium almond milk carmelizer with white chocolate, decaf. Then we came home and I had 3 oz fillet steak and 1 egg for brunch.

Snack- I like to eat these rehydrated figs that I can get at home goods or tj maxx. I find that they really help with softening my stool 🙈. So I eat a little bag every day instead of having to take a prescription.

Dinner- We had a beef stew with dumplings. I had a bowl of stew with 2 dumplings in it and it was so good. It will always be my favourite meal.

Dessert- I had maybe 4-5 teaspoons of chocolate halo top ice cream. Oh and I had half a mug of tea before bed.

That is that. According to FatSecret, that isn’t even 1200 calories. So next week, I am going to sign up for a doctor to have some test done and see if there is some normal imbalance that is going on in my body, or if my thyroid has become under active. I would like to have my energy back so that I am able to workout again without feeling so drained and lifeless. People always complained that parenthood will drain you but I think something else is going on with my body. Wish me luck!


I went to the Dr and got my blood work done and I was correct. A normal thyroid is in the range of .45-4.5. My thyroid levels are at 273! They put me on a prescription to increase my thyroid levels and want me to have an ultra sound on my thyroid to make sure that there aren’t any nodules there. Hopefully there isn't anything and that my body will start returning back to normal from here on out.

**Update number 2:

I have been on thyroid medicine for about a month now and my body has reacted quite well towards it. The fog has lifted and I have had more energy to work during the day and to have a workout, sometimes even two workouts. My weight dropped down to 126 but I have plateaued once again, which I have accepted at this point. I am working out and eating decently but just have this stubborn layer of fat around my mid section that just won't let go. I did meet with a thyroid doctor and got more blood work done to which they increased my dosage of medicine and to get more blood work in 6 weeks. I will continue to work out and try and get these last 10 lbs off and will do another update in several months to see where I am at.

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