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An Easter Sunday Picnic

Updated: Jun 25, 2021


Spring is in full bloom and I have been meaning to gather my family up, find an acceptable spot to plop down to have a picnic and just enjoy each other’s company, some good food, and nature. Easter Sunday provided up with just that blessing. The temperature was perfect at 70 degrees and there was also a cool breeze that would sweep past us every now and then.

I woke up that morning, decided what I wanted for the picnic and mom Ryton and I rushed off to the grocery store to pick up some supplies.

Now I have started to mainly have a keto style diet. I gained 30lbs with pregnancy and have only lost half of that. No matter what I do, those last 15 pounds just won’t budge. So I figured I would try be a bit more active (working out in the morning) and trying out a healthier diet to see if I am able to drop those last pounds and be back at prepregnancy weight. I am obviously not too worried about the weight as Ryton is 5 months old already and this weight still hasn‘t budged.

Now my first train of thought was, “We normally have cucumber sandwiches for a picnic, what shall I use instead of bread?” I answered my own question the night before, deciding that I’d use smoked salmon. So I peeled the cucumber and did some lattice work with it. I then added my smoked salmon and spread it over my cucumber. Finally I added a cream cheese and dill mixture in a Line close to one side of the cucumber and rolled up my creation like a sushi roll. These actually turned out really good. I would say to eat these as quickly as possible as the cucumber does turn out its own juices.


I also knew that I wanted to try out my hand with a cheese and charcuterie board. This was the second item on the menu. I bought different meats, we already had way too much cheese in the fridge, added some fruit, and topped it with this amazing fig jam!!! It’s a must when creating your own board. It’s called bonne maman fig reserves. Give it a try! You wont be disappointed!


I also googled keto ideas and saw one item was a caprese salad. So I added that to our menu as its such an easy and delicious start to any meal. Normally, I would have done a pasta salad but this wasn’t bad replacement. However, I’m still missing my pasta.


Now my next item isn‘t Keto but it is delicious! We call them shrimp cuppies and my mom is the only one with the talent to make them. We get these frozen filo cups and we stuff them with cream cheese, grilled onions, shrimp and avocado and it is amazing! I will eat the whole tray. This time, however, I was generous and gave my mom and gran 1 bite each. The rest were mine.


Now we packed up all our supplies and drove about 100ft (I walked with Ryton strapped to me) down the road. To a place where the wildflowers were growing around us, the trees were providing some shade, and the birds were chirping non stop. It is the perfect spot.

Ryton lasted whole of 5 minutes before he wanted to go down for a nap. So I put him down on the picnic blanket, got a soft blanket form the car and let him just snooze for 30 mins while we all ate. I think he enjoyed the fresh air.


We popped open a bottle of rosé that we bought in Napa and chowed down on all our delicious food. We each put our phones away and just relaxed with the serenading sounds nature and each other’s company. I was the only one who dressed up so the others opted out of their photo opportunities.


I highly recommend you do this exact thing. Mom and I work from home so it’s nice to finally detach from everything and just have some peace and quiet.


This was our perfect way to celebrate Easter and I think we have started a new family tradition. Every Easter we should do a picnic! I love having reasons to go full out on a picnic.

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