• Chane Brown

Burney Falls

I have never been to Burney Falls and I have lived only an hour away from it for 20+ years. So this year I decided to drive up with Ryton and my mom and to see the gorgeous view that is world known.

While driving up you get such breathtaking views of the mountains I was trying to take pictures from the car which doesn't work out that well. Ryton was getting upset in the car as he couldn't figure out how to pop his ears. So we pulled over and I gave him some boobs so that he could swallow and we were back on the road in a jiffy.

We pulled up and paid for parking and I attached Ryton to me and away we went. Now Burney Falls has a little 1 mile loop and so to get our little exercise in for the day we decided to make the trip. The steps down to the falls were easy and we stopped to take some gorgeous photos. The Rainbow that you can see in the above picture was just beautiful. When we got to the bottom, we took our pictures and headed down to the loop. I didn't want to climb onto the rocks and go closer as I was carrying Ryton and was afraid that one wrong step would make us fall.

Near the falls was very busy and we were there early in the day. However, the loop hardly had anyone on it. I had to stop and take pictures of some Indian friends that wanted to all climb onto the log over the creek and sit there for a shot. I took their phone and recorded all of them walking just in case there was one mistep and into the water they went. This didn't happen but I did take their pictures while my mom rested and away we went again.

As you can tell Ryton was absolutely fascinated by the trees. He loved everything that he saw.

Following the trail, it had this amazing hill full of these rocks. I don't know much about them but I can only assume that they were there from when Mt. Lassen blew its top so many years ago. We stopped to take a few photos as the back drop was gorgeous.

Now my mom isn't in the best of shape and she is 68 years old so she really struggled with this little hike which wasn't a problem for me because I was carrying a 17 pounds sack on my belly and need to rest my back quite often anyway. My mom also has a fear of heights. She becomes so terrified that she freezes and although you have some up hill track along the top of the falls, the fact that there weren't guard rails frightened my mom.

At one point she didn't know if she would make it but she told herself that she cannot be scared for Ryton's sake. She has to show him that there is nothing to be scared of and so she went and she finished the loop. She was so proud of herself that she had to brag the rest of the day about it but I was proud of her too. She accomplished her fear that day.

Afterwards we stopped by their little store and got an ice cream and just sat and relaxed. I had to change Ryton's nappy on the bench outside the store. When we were finally ready, we got back to the car and had a nice little drive home. It was an amazing day and I definitely would want to go back for the little hike.

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