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Down by the Bay

Down by the Bay

Where the software companies grow

Back to my home

It took 8 hours to go

Because of traffic

My mother did say

Did you find a place to stay

While having a nice day

Down by the bay.

I know that song doesn't make sense, but the original doesn't make sense either so bare with me.

I actually came down here for my company, we had an offsite and it was so amazing to finally see everyone in person. We drove down on the Wednesday and stayed in Santana row at the Valencia hotel. I chose this location for my mom and gran to have something to do while I work all of Thursday.

The drive down was pleasant enough. As soon as we got on the road, Ryton wanted to poop so we had to stop and wait for him to get it out before we hit the road once again. Our next stop was in Vacaville to eat our chicken sandwiches that we made that morning, let Ryton out of his chair for a boob and lunch and then we were back at it.

We got to the hotel around 4 pm and we unpacked, let Ryton crawl around and get his energy out, and I checked emails and did a bit of work. We then wanted to go and have an early dinner so that Ryton can try and keep to his schedule. I let my mom choose and she chose to go to Amber which is an Indian restaurant.

I am so glad that my mom chose this restaurant because it was so good. We each got a glass of wine, I ordered the butter chicken with naan and samosas, I forgot what my mom ordered (lamb biryani I think) and her and my gran shared. Ryton was a little happy camper and enjoying his night out. We were going to walk after dinner so after we ordered the food, I ran back to the car and got Ryton's blanket for the pram, by the time I got back to the restaurant, Ryton was fast asleep and our food was just arriving.

With Ryton asleep, this actually gave us a chance to eat our meals while they were hot.

The food was actually incredible. It was one of the best butter chicken dishes that I have had. I highly recommend going to Santana Row Amber and ordering this dish.

After dinner we walked around and viewed all the lights. It was beautiful, they had a huge Elephant and Camel, all in lights.

We walked the streets and went into an amazon book store. I didn't even know that Amazon had a bookstore but it was there. We were good though and didn't buy anything.

Being tired from the drive, we went back to the hotel and got ready for bed.

The next day I was at an all day offsite with my company. We did a white elephant, team building exercises, and ended with a game of top golf.

This was the first time I had ever been to a driving range. I didn't know that hitting a ball was so difficult, I was also wearing a dress and heels but it definitely hasn't been my best sport although I am pretty sure that I was better than the guy on the sox team.

It was an amazing offsite that brought the team together. I am so excited to continue to work with these amazing people.

With this being a work trip the next day we packed the car back up and headed out of San Jose. While I waited for my mom and gran to get ready, I wanted to go and look at the pool in the hotel and I am so glad I did. Look how beautiful this is.

We met my boss for lunch so that she could meet the baby and my family. Being back in the Bay I was craving Asian food especially dim sum. The bay has some of the best Asian cuisine and my mom never understood why I liked it so much but now she knows why.

My boss chose this restaurant in the Hillsdale mall that is called Palette Tea Garden. OMG This place is absolutely beautiful. They have tables for bigger parties that have a little running creek down the middle. There is a giant screen curving around the back of the restaurant and the food is incredible.

Ryton does not like being in the arms of strangers, he was getting ready to cry here.

Afterwards I got a Philz coffee, my mom got a starbucks and we were on our way. I drove us up to the Golden gate bridge and that is where we stopped to swap drivers. We figured to go the back route would be best as traffic is crazy on a Friday night and so many people go up to Tahoe when there is snow but we had to get out and take a few pictures while Ryton slept.

Here is our drive through pac heights over the Golden Gate. I used to live in this area so it was nice to go through my old stomping grounds.

It did take us 8 hours to get home. The traffic was horrible but the good news is that if there wasn't traffic we would have been stuck in Red Bluff as there was a huge accident that caused a woman to be fatally injured. So we were so relieved that even though 8 hours in a car with a 13 month old is rough going, we missed a huge collision in the process.

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