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Dunsmuir Hikes

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

TLC provided advice a long time ago and this time around we refused to listen. We chased after 2 waterfalls and I am so glad that we did.

Let me back track a bit and give you the whole run down of our day. I told my mom the day prior that we are going hiking tomorrow. I said they seem to be easier hikes and one is just along the rail road tracks. Oh my mom didn't like that idea but she was a good sport about going.

The next morning, I got mom up for breakfast and to get ready for our adventure. She told me that she was scared about walking along the tracks so she decided to invited her friend because there is strength in numbers.

We met my moms friend up in Dunsmuir but first we had to stop for our Starbucks treat. Once we got to Dunsmuir we decided to go to the Hedge Creek Falls first. It is a small path that you walk down and the waterfall isn't too far off of the main road. The fascinating thing with this waterfall is that you can go behind it and look out through the water pouring down. It is damp and wet (obviously) but it is a different perspective that one should experience.

We kept going along the short little path that provided us with a quick view of Mount Shasta. we took some pictures there and headed back up the trail.

On our way back up I stopped to take some pictures of a downed tree. When I looked back up my mom had just kept walking. She knew that we would eventually catch up to her but she wanted to take off mainly because she didn't want us to see how unfit she is. I mean I am making her go on these hikes and she is nearing almost 70. I was huffing and puffing going up the hill too so I don't think that she has anything to worry about with our walks.

At the top of the path, near the car, there is a seated spot that has the perfect view of Mount Shasta. So of course we had to stop for a couple of pictures.

I also had to snap one of my mom and her friend. My mom's friend is so lovely! She carried around my tripod for me. Shame man!

Once we were back in the car, we drove to our next stop which would eventually lead us to Mossbrae falls. For this, we had to park on the street and walk through a little resort. We then had to cross this bridge and on the other side were the train tracks. We weren't sure if we were suppose to go up or down the tracks as there were no signs. I had a feeling that we should be going up (thinking of our location and looking at the map) so that is the way we headed.

We walked and walked and walked and it was nerve racking. There were a lot of uncertainties which made my mom and I nervous. How far is this walk? Are there trains that come? Will we have enough room on the side of the tracks to keep out of the way? How fast do the trains go? Will it be fast enough to knock us down the bank? I know these were all the questions going on in my mind as we made our way up. I am not going to lie it took us forever to go to the falls. When we finally saw other people along the tracks, it eased our minds a little bit.

We also got to a nice point where we heard the train coming and stopped well away from the tracks. The train wasn't going fast at all but still we would not like to be in a tight squeeze, while I was carrying baba, AND the train blasting its horn. So we were grateful for the spot that we walked to.

When we finally got to Mossbrae Falls, there is a big spray painted signal on a boulder showcasing where you want to go. My mom wasn't sure about the thin steepish path (she has a fear of heights) but we forced her to make her way down the path. She already made it that far, why stop now? So she followed us down and she was so happy that she did. She loved the falls that came before us.

Mossbrae is known to be like a smaller Burney Falls but I honestly preferred it. There were less people and so it was a lot less crowded. It made the event more significant to me and more peaceful.

We each got our shot with the beautiful background and then headed back home.

Ryton absolutely loves running water so he was amazed by this adventure.

It was time for us to finally head back and on the way, Ryton fell fast asleep in his carrier.

Travelling back is always so much faster than travelling to. I swear the time was cut by at least half. I know that our pace was quicker and we made no fuss chatting and talking but all of a sudden we were back to the car.

That concludes our little trip chasing waterfalls.

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