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Fall Family Photos in Chico

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

This year I wanted to make I nice little trip to find the perfect place to take our fall family photos. Last year Ryton was only about 2 weeks old when we took them so we took them on our back patio in our matching pjs. This year I wanted it to be a bit more extravagant.

When I get these ideas in my head, I normally go up to my mom and say, "So I've been thinking..." and she knows to brace herself for what comes next. For this instance I said, "So I've been thinking that we should go up to Chico for our Christmas card photos." My mom just knows at this point to trust me because I have a plan. So the day after Ryton's birthday party, we got up early, wore matching white button down shirts and jeans and drove for an hour to our destination.

Now I know Chico fairly well. I went to college here and thought that I would share a little history about this beautiful town. Chico was founded by a man named John Bidwell in 1860 who arrive in one of the first wagon trains in 1843. In 1850, there was a treaty that was signed between the local native Americans that were around Bidwell's Ranch. However, 10 years later they were rounded up and "relocated." Chico was the starting point for the path they used and it is known today as the Koncow Trail of Tears. 461 Indians started this journey and only 277 finished. The rest that wanted to stay in the area were to be shot. I wanted to include this piece of history because I believe we should know all of history, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the start of the 20th century, Annie Bidwell donated a large amount of property to the people of Chico and that is what is ultimately known today as Bidwell Park. Now Chico is known as the "City of Trees." I was informed, back in my college days, that the founder loved trees and brought them from all over the world and planted them in Chico. A lot of students who didn't suffer from allergies before would receive their first slap in the face from it when arriving to campus. There are so many different species of trees in Chico and it provides the city with a beautiful backdrop during the fall months.

This is why I knew that travelling to Chico and to specifically Bidwell park would produce the best pictures! So we parked at 1 mile, which in the summer becomes a nice swimming hole when the temperatures rise, and headed down the path in search for a nice location. Not too far in, we were able to find it.

I started out by setting up the tripod and getting in a few test shots to make sure that the settings are where I want them and was able to come out with these photos.

After taking a couple of test shots, I gathered the family up for a picture of all of us.

We then proceeded to do some separate shots to mix things up.

Ryton is holding a leaf in his hand which he refused to let go.

We then decided to go deeper into the park and I was able to capture the 1 picture where Ryton smiles. I’m so grateful that I got 1.

We found a bench that we were able to use and to give my gran a little rest. Being 93 she needs to stop a little bit more than my mom and I.

While my gran rested, I started setting up the tripod as you never know when the opportune moment presents itself and I am so glad I did as the pictures turned out amazing.

I got off the bench and decided to sit in front of everyone. My mom put Ryton's feet on my shoulders and as I looked up, Ryton was looking down at me and it is my favorite photo in the bunch. It is now the main picture on our Christmas cards. What do you think of this shot?

After this, Ryton started to get irritable. He wanted his milk from the tap. So I breastfed him while sitting there with my gran and my mom decided to take some pictures. I absolutely love breastfeeding and I am so glad that I was able to get some of these memories captured.

Once he was done, we left Granny on the bench and searched for more photo spots. While I was setting up the tripod, my mom was dancing with Ryton and I had to take a picture.

My mom doesn't like this picture as she thinks she looks fat but I personally love the moment caught.

When it was my turn to be in front of the camera, Ryton and I sat on the ground. I wanted him to play with the leaves and he loved them. The noise and crunch of the leaves in his hand allowed him to be thoroughly entertained.

I then picked him up and took him to the trees and showed him all the beautiful fall colors And when the breeze picked up and rustled the leaves, his feet and hands were rotating showing us that he is excited by this.

When we were all done with that, we decided to head back and to take some photos on the bridge near our car. That had a lot more foot traffic and so it was harder to get all of us in front of the camera. Plus that area was a bit more chilly and Ryton was starting to get cold. We did get these two shots though.

Ryton loves to give kisses now. Especially around bed time. He kisses on the cheek, on the mouth, open his mouth and kiss my nose. It truly is adorable.

When I thought that we finally got our pictures we headed back into downtown Chico for lunch. However, the place that I wanted to go wasn't open till dinner time, the restaurant near there had moved and I didn't know where so we were stuck wandering where to eat and what we felt like. So many changes since last I was in Chico but we finally found Burgers and Brews and plopped our bums there for a couple of delicious burgers. Their menu has changed a little and their wine menu diminished but their food was still incredible.

Surprise, Surprise, Mom ordered the steak sandwich. I ordered their daily special which was called the cilantro burger that had avocado on it....OMG it was amazing! Seriously so good! Gran had a little kids burger. I didn't even bother to take a picture of it as a kids meal is was exactly picture worth. She didn’t want more than that as she feared it would go wasted as she isn’t such a big eater.

After this, we drove the hour back home. Ryton and myself fell fast asleep in the car. We were full and satisfied from our delicious meal that a nap during the drive home was needed. When we did arrive home, it was Halloween, so I quickly put Ryton into his costume and was able to take 1 decent photo before he took his mane off. At least I got 1 picture right? All and all, it was an incredible day.

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