• Chane Brown

Flower Fields

I was introduced to the flower fields through Instagram like most people I assume. I saw everyone going there for their beautiful shots and thought that getting our first pictures in San Diego should be at the Flower Fields. The tickets weren't that expensive and they are only open for a certain amount of time during the year so I packed up my family for a little day trip into Carlsbad.

Driving up to the fields, you can see the the rows of colors all the way up the hill. We went early so we were able to grab parking fairly close to the gate, however, keep in mind that when we left there seemed to be a big struggle to find parking. So the earlier you go the better. It was a bit chilly in the morning as that sea breeze hits the hills quite nicely, so bring a jacket just in case.

The Flower Fields have been open for over 60 years and only bloom for 6-8 weeks of the year. They have loads of fun experiences for the kids, from tractor riding, to mining for rocks. They even have plenty of food vendors so you can enjoy the whole day amongst the flowers. When we went they were setting up for an afternoon tea event. We didn't have the time to attend and I am not sure if they do it often but it looked like a fun event to attend. There were women dressed up in late 17th century wear especially for tea time.

The fields were all organized by color so I suggest taking photos at each bench so get the full experience. You will see one row of red flowers, one of white, one of pink, and so forth. The colors were so vibrant and organized that it is perfect for your best Instagram shots.

I am writing this post a couple of months later because I am finally able to go through our experiences and post them, so the fields are currently closed. However, you should keep this experience on your radar for next year. They open again March 1st so mark your calendars for this beautiful event.

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