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Garden of Lights

Starting in 2020, Turtle Bay decided that they are going to turn their gardens into a illuminated stroll that is absolutely pure bliss. We didn't go last year for fear of Covid and Ryton would have only been a month old. This year we were planning on going anyway but our family friend gave us 2 tickets for the day before Thanksgiving and so that was the chosen day.

With so much to do prior to Thanksgiving, it was hard to pull ourselves away from the kitchen, but we are so glad that we did.

We did go to one of my favourite restaurants, CR Gibbs, for dinner. Our tickets were only for 7:30 so we had a lot of time to kill. Mom wasn't too keen on her short rib dish, and gran struggled with the fried chicken. My dish was amazing as it always is. I get the ahi tuna and Ryton had some fries (which he loves) and some of Ouma's short rib.

After dinner we went to grab a nice warm starbucks as it was cold outside and needed something to warm us up on the inside. Or at least I did. Ouma always gets a cold drink.

Then we were on our way. Finding parking was a little rough in the small parking lot and when we did find parking, it smelled so bad of vomit. I don't know if it was under the car, or nearby, but I think I still get hints of that smell and it was foul. When we finally did walk down to the garden of lights, we crossed the sundial bridge that was lit up in green and red. It really set the mood for the evening.

Now the rest of this blog post needs to just be shown. I can't describe the world of lights so I will keep it brief and let the pictures do the talking. When you do walk through there are food vendors and places to get hot drinks. They also have outdoor heaters to thaw out on and a little gift stand.

Now this garden is about 10 acres. The path is already selected for you and you scroll through the reptile area, lit up butterflies, a musical show, and everything in between. There are even stations set up for pictures. So we snuggled Ryton up and made sure he was warm and we headed off.

See above...cold drink in her hand. I don't get it.

Now let me show you magical stroll that we went on.

Aren't those light geckos amazing?

Had to capture Ryton talking to Mariah Carey.

Ryton was starting to get super tired as it was past his bedtime but still loved looking at all the lights.

When we kept walking there was a little stop over area for drinks and outdoor heaters in case you didn't dress up like we did.

In the middle of that area was this gorgeous tree.

Next there was your first little photo opportunity. You had to wait in line but it didn't last long.

This photo is now on my locked screen and it looks like I am looking up at my notifications or at the time lol.

Onwards we went and the best part is coming up, the light tunnels.

I do want to point out that this event was so busy. If you look closely to the back you can see that the lights look a bit repetitive. I did edit out some of the people in the background. I wanted to make this known as not every moment has a perfect picture for it.

With the congestion getting quite bad, it was difficult to take more photos. People were standing a bit to close for our liking and Ryton was tired and grumpy by this point. So we just walked through most of the other scenes but here is a few shots I quickly got.

On the way out you walk through trees lit up and music so joyous that you leave on a proper high.

That was the end of our magical night at the Garden of Lights.

We then went home, put Ryton to bed, and baked until 1:30 in the morning. I love like having a busy holiday season.

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