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Harris Ranch

We live near a town called Redding in California and we were going to drive to San Diego for a week vacation. At first we thought we would do the whole drive in 1 day but with a 10 month old driving 10-12 hours wasn't possible so we decided we would split the trip in two and book a hotel half way. My mom is the one that chose this place and it was incredible.

Now I will warn you that the Harris Ranch is known for their steaks. They provide meat all across the state and their beef is good. However, that means that staying near their farm means a lot of cows and a lot of cows means a lot of smell. When we drove there the smell was quite pungent but you honestly couldn't smell it in the room or the restaurant. They have been able to mask the smell from outside so that it isn't hovering like a lost fart while you enjoy your meal.

We arrived at night and I just had to get out the camera to take lots of pictures of the beautiful resort. All I wanted was to swim some laps in this pool but never got a chance.

We would have slept well that first night, except that they put us by a door and a family kept going in and out of this door until 2 am. Every time the door slammed the baby stirred or woke up. It kept my mom and I awake till about 2:30 or 3 am. My gran slept soundly because she took out her hearing aids. After the first 6 hour drive we were exhausted and not getting any sleep that first night didn't help.

The next morning, regardless of not sleeping, we were up early and ready for our second leg of the trip. I walked around the grounds in the morning so I could see the magic of this hotel in the daylight. The grounds of the hotel are stunning and completely picture worthy.

Inside the lobby they had a real country theme. They had cow hide and horn seats and it provided the coziest entrance.

Once we checked out we walked across to the main building to grab breakfast. They had a cute little country store which I had to check out to see if they have any noteworthy mugs...they did. They had these mugs in the shape of different dogs and because we were coming back after I trip, I held off buying the mugs until our return.

They had lots of little things in the store and it had a proper country feel. Not only that, they had a full bakery, butcher, and coffee shop in this little store.

Ouma is checking out all the jars of goodies.

Granny looking very well rested. Must be nice being deaf sometimes. She could sleep through a war.

This was my favourite display.

Look at all these delicious treats!

Once we were done gawking at everything, we headed off to the restaurant for a lekker breakfast.

Ouma ordered her steak and eggs and we actually decided to share as we knew it was going to be too much and they even split it onto two plates for us. Granny, of course, ordered something sweet. She has diabetes so we are quite strict on her eating so that she can stay healthy but we allowed it as she was on vacation as well.

Coming back after our trip I wound up buying 3 mugs and we were able to sleep alot better!

If you are going on a long trip and need a layover place I definitely recommend you trying The Harris Ranch. Like I said earlier, once you get over the smell, the location is incredible.

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