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While in San Diego, I bought a 2 day all access pass. I was hoping to try and hit up a couple of the amazing parks that San Diego has to offer and one of them I was absolutely certain I wanted to go to was Legoland. I never did my research with Legoland so I didn't know what to expect except that things were made of Legos. I had no idea the amount of items that were made out of legos and the creations that were all over the park.

When we got inside the park we rented a wheelchair for Granny and a stroller for Ryton, however, the strollers were more for bigger kids so we had to make a make shift seat belt out of his carrier.

We started out with taking pictures of the dinosaur right in front of the park.

Like I said earlier, I didn't know what to expect with the park. I had no idea that legoland had rides on it. Although, we didn't really go on any of the rides because Ryton is too young but the ride we did manage was the boat ride around the park. The guide was hilarious and everyone, even gran, loved the short ride.

I mean a 6 ft elephant made out of legos is impressive! I don't know how they do it. That isn't all either. They had the Taj Mahal, the London Eye and Big Ben, Mount Rushmore, and so much more on this boat ride! It definitely is a must while visiting Legoland.

The one thing that I do regret is that I didn't get a lego set from one of the gift shops. Although I don't have time to even consider building anything, and having lots of cats in the house, it would be impossible to ensure that all pieces will be safe.

I am pretty sure that this was the best part of the trip for Granny and because she was amazed, I was extremely happy! I can't wait to go back with Ryton when he is older and we can ride the rides and he can appreciate it a bit more!

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