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My Introduction


Hi Everyone,

I started blogging years ago and enjoyed it but couldn’t keep up with with the workload. In my time I’d have to think of places to go, try them, take loads of pictures (that’s the fun part), editing, writing about the topic (the most challenging part for me) while holding down a full time job and studying for my CPA. There was too much on my plate and I had to give something up. Sadly, that became my blog. You don’t realize how much time and effort goes into blogging until you try it out. When I started last time, I started because it was my New Years resolution. I wanted to better my writing technique while forcing myself to try new things. Blogging allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it. I struggled with the writing aspects as I don’t normally know how to put a story behind the picture. What do I write about? What would people want to read? How can I make this more descriptive and interesting? That is where I struggle. However, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and decided to start it up again.

The main reason why I want to start blogging again is for the memories. I have a horrible memory and I want to go back and reread my story sometimes to show myself what happened, what I enjoyed, what I forgot, how I was feeling, and so forth. There have been times where I think, “oh I wish I still had my blog as I’d like to go back to that one recipe I loved and make it again,” but all that is gone now. So this time, I want to keep this as a reminder to myself of how I was feeling, certain recipes I have tried and loved and so much more. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am 33 weeks pregnant. I am going to be a single mom to a little baby boy and it’s a bit scary. My next couple of posts are going to be back dated from my first trimester, second trimester, and how I’m coping today. I’ll add recipes I have tried and enjoy, my style, and things I have found helpful in my life further on down the line, but for now, I want to record my pregnancy while it’s still fresh in my mind. I hope you enjoy my story as I share it with you. I am a very honest and open person and I’d like to reflect that in this blog. 

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