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North Coast Village- Oceanside California

This year (2021) my family decided that we weren't going to do any birthday presents. My grans birthday is in June, my mom's is in July, and mine is in August. So instead of celebrating 3 different birthdays we wanted to take a trip to San Diego. I want to move there next year and this was the trip that was going to either make or break that decision.

I started looking for hotels in May for San Diego and landed a place in Oceanside. The pictures look nice but the deal that I got made me question how good this place was going to be. I booked a 1 bedroom that had a pull out couch for the 4 of us and the rest of the summer we prepped for our vacation.

My first thought of this place was that it was difficult to find the temporary parking lot for checking in and after a 7 hour drive that day, I was tired and irritable. I just wanted to get into the flat and shower and relax but we found that quite difficult at first as every drive we went down we were met with a gate. When we finally just decided to park in the parking lot that was open but it had no signs signaling that this was where we were suppose to park to check in. So I made mom, gran, and Ryton stay in the car while I looked around to try and find the HOA office. I finally found the entrance and was met with a security guard that allowed me in so that I can find the HOA office which was in the middle of the venue. Walking through the complex was walking through a tropical paradise and the pictures don't even do it justice.

In the picture below, if you look to the right, you can see the gym is behind the waterfall.

The way the grounds were set up was so refreshing and comforting. It instantly put me in a better mood. Checking in was a breeze! I told them my name and what room number I was assigned and they gave me the keys, told me what key is for what, my assigned parking spot and then sent me on my merry way.

I walked back to the car trying to look somber and told my mom, "Oh you are going to hate it!" However, not being a good liar, my mom replied with, "is it beautiful?" I had to tell her the truth. So we were eager to go and parked the car so that we can go for a walk through this paradise. We brought our massive amount of luggage into the flat and started the process of unpacking everything. Once everything was sorted, my mom, Ryton, and I left granny in the flat (she was a little upset because she was feeling rushed to unpack) and we walked through the gorgeous gardens and onto the beach. Having our toes in the sand and the waves crashing in just melted all of our stress away.

I cannot talk this place up enough! The prices were incredibly reasonable. You are minutes away from the harbor which has incredible coffee and the location is right on the beach! I would love to stay there forever and I honestly couldn't ask for better accommodation.

Like I said earlier they had a beautiful tropical garden that walked you right onto the beach. You could choose your path depending on where you felt like going. If you wanted to venture south, you would be heading towards the pier and if you wanted to turn north, then it was towards the harbor. Both options provided me with incredible pictures from our journey so it was worth to venture out both ways.

The complex came with multiple amenities which I regret to inform you that I only swam in the pool. Around the HOA office they have a koi pond that has a food dispenser so you are able to feed the fish. For 25 cents, you get a hand full of food and the koi's are eagerly waiting below for you to drop it in. They also have a gym, pool tables, a braai (or a bbq for my non South African friends) and so much more.

Even Gran enjoyed feeding the fish.

Here are some pictures from the fun we had at the pool on one of the more relaxing days. Ryton absolutely loves swimming but he came down with a rash on his face this trip so we tried to keep him out of the sun.

Doesn't mean that I couldn't get back in the water!

That is not all that this amazing accommodation comes with. Your apartment even comes with buckets, chairs, a surfboard, and so much more all for the beach. They truly try and make your trip as fun and exciting as possible.

I cannot wait to go back and if you are ever trying to stay in Oceanside, please give this place your first thought because it is incredible.

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