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Rabies Shots

I am writing this post with a very sore foot. Anyone that knows us, knows that we love our animals and any animal around our house we will feed if we feel sorry for them (which is all animals). For example, I go out and feed and water the raccoons because a mama brought her babies up on our deck and we didn’t want them to starve. In our family, animals are better than humans. They are innocent.

Now on this April night, I went outside onto the deck to put food down for the raccoons. Normally I go through my bedroom door but every time I do that, it wakes Ryton. So this time I went through the lounge door. Syren (one of my moms cats) came and sat by the door watching me. There was already our neighbors cat sitting outside, as he likes to do and one of the raccoon was waiting by the fence for his food. As I tried to come back inside, Syren viciously attacked my foot. Not a scratch in sight I might add, but full on bites. So I asked mom to come and help me as I’m bleeding now everywhere. My foot is throbbing as he has chomped all the way through to the bone and ligament.

I couldn’t sleep much of that night as my foot was throbbing with pain. I finally got out of bed at 4am and when I tried to walk, I couldn’t. So I had to crawl to the bathroom to take the plaster off and then I crawled down the hall to my moms room for help. It didn’t help my knees that we have tile in the hallway. She got up and helped me onto the couch Where I stayed. She managed to find me some ibuprofen which I gladly accepted. We agreed that this was a doctors visit but because I don’t have a primary (I never go to the doctor) we went to the hospital near us at 6am. They weren’t busy and managed to book me in right away.

The doctor told me that he will X-ray my foot to see if there is a tooth fragment in it and that I will be started on antibiotics to avoid any infection and that he recommends a rabies shot as my indoor cat is unvaccinated. They also have to call the sheriff as they are required to report all animal attacks.

So I agreed to everything even though I am positive that my cat doesn’t have rabies. I did, however, make sure that everyone knew that I was breastfeeding and that my baby was going to be ok with all the medicine.

So they washed out my foot, took the xray, and the sheriff came over to take my statement about what happened. They prepped the rabies shots and I had no idea what this entailed. I figured it was just another shot in my arm...... oh no!!! It was worse than the animal bite!

They take the needle and go into the puncture wounds, all the way down to the bone or however far they could get it to release the liquid. Now I have about 8 puncture wounds from my cats teeth, so for every puncture hole, that needle dove down deep into it and the serum was released. I was screaming into my mattress at the hospital throughout this process! My ankle was already swollen before the rabies and the poor sheriff didn't know what to do with himself. Even the new doctor didn’t know what was happening in his ward and what the screams were for. I felt sorry for every one around me but I did feel that I accomplished something as I didn’t swear once!

It has been the most painful shots of my life. However, once they were done, I was wheeled to my car and allowed to go home. My cat had to stay in quarantine to ensure that he didn’t have rabies and I was on best rest not being able to walk for several days. Now that its a week later I am able to walk but it still has some pain in my ankle.

We thought we may have to put the cat down. Then thought about finding him a home but we struggle with both of those items and decided that he is going to be out on Melotonin. He has shown aggression before but never quite this bad and I think that having the raccoons and the other cat outside just threw him into a frenzy and he took it out on me.

Here are the pictures of the swelling my foot endured.

My normal ankle:

You can see how swollen it got. Now I know though, that you can wait to have the rabies shots to make sure the animal doesn’t have rabies first but rabies is incurable and you are most likely to die if you do acquire it. So that was enough for me to get it but once again, it is one of the worst shots out there. Stay safe people!

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