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Ryton's Birthday Dinner

On Ryton's birthday, it was a Wednesday, Ouma booked a table for us at a fancy Italian restaurant in Redding. We have been there once before and it was really good but it was also 10 years ago. So we walked in and the place is so dimly lit that Gran couldn't even see going to her table. It was difficult to even read the menu. I get that they are trying to set the mood but to use your phone's flash light to read the menu is just ridiculous.

We sat down and they didn't give us any menu's but asked us if we were ready to order which was a bit bizarre. I got a glass of wine and it took us awhile to decide what we wanted. I went with crab legs as I haven't had that in long time and it sounded really good. Ouma got Steak with pepper sauce and Ga got cannelloni. Ryton was getting super fussy throughout this process so we kept having to take him outside. Once he was outside he was absolutely fine so I think that he was either warning us of whats to come or just didn't like the dimly lit place.

The food was served and I was very disappointed. My "crab legs" looked like crab cakes and I even had to verify with the server that this was crab legs, to which he said yes. I ate it regardless and it was ok. Was it worth almost $50 for a plate, absolutely NOT! It was breaded and fried and didn't seem that fresh to me. My mom made me try her steak and it was actually inedible. The amount of pepper that they put in the pepper steak was horrid. You couldn't even eat that. Mom didn't want to make a fuss but I had to send it back. Imagine dumping a whole jar of pepper into a sauce and that is what this tasted like. So while we sent her steak back we told them to bring her lamb chops instead. They bring out the chops and they are so rare that they are practically raw. The waiter then argued to say that my mom wanted the lamb chops rare. My mom wanted her steak rare. She never once said she wanted the lamb chops rare and never in my life and all my dining experiences have I ever had raw lamb chops. I had to call the manager at this point to show him this lamb. I was absolutely fuming by this point. I wanted a nice dinner for Ryton and everything was going wrong.

The manager came and looked at the lamb chops and then checked with the kitchen about the lamb. I told him that lamb shouldn't be sent out rare. He came back to me and had to ask me what temperature the lamb should be at. Like I am the chef. It should be a medium maybe a medium rare and I had to tell him that so that he had to tell him chefs. It makes me angry now that this is suppose to be an upper class restaurant and they are asking the customers how to cook.

At this point I wanted to go home. Ryton was antsy, the food wasn't good, and I was absolutely fed up at this point. So they gave us a chocolate cake to take home for Ryton and we paid the bill and left. Once I got home I opened up the chocolate cake and it was so hard and dense(I don't know if it was stale or over baked or what happened) but I was able to stick a fork in it and stood straight up. They covered the cake in chocolate sauce which did nothing for the atrocity that would sitting in front of my face. So I just dumped it.

I will never in my life go back to this restaurant. It was a waste of money. The kitchen didn't know what they were doing and then would charge $40-50 for a plate. No thank you. Id rather go to another great restaurant in town that charges about $25 for a plate and is so much better!

Now that my vent is over I can finally move on. At least Ryton won't remember this horrible attempt at a first birthday dinner.

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