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Ryton's Update - 10 Months

This sweet innocent looking angel is starting to become very curious and a bit naughty. He races around the living room crawling with such speed that he sometimes loses his footing and falls down. This once happened while he was trying to crawl on the tile. He wound up with a fat and split lip, however, all else seems to be fine. He is now very cautious and knows to stay on the carpet in the living room.

Staying on the carpet didn’t last long though!

Standing Tall

Ryton is so excited to stand that he stands on everything. He will use my legs to stand, his chair, the couch. He would probably try and use the dog if she didn't move so much. He even has started trying to walk up and down while gripping onto something to move closer to where he wants to go.


All of Ryton's milestones are based around standing for the most part and this is one that scares me and fills my heart at the same time. When Ryton gets to a standing position, he then lifts up his legs to try and climb onto something. For instance, when I am sitting in the living room in my chair. He will crawl to my chair and get to standing and then try and use his legs to climb up and onto the chair. I will lift him up at this point because he doesn't have the strength just yet. That is the part that fills my heart.That is all he wants to do is climb onto the chair to be with mommy. What makes me fearful is that he tries to do that with the sides of the bed. If he was able to get enough grip he would be up and over the barrier and fall onto the ground. That worries me something chronic but I keep a close eye on him making sure that my worries don't become a reality.


While being held up Ryton has started to take a couple of step forward. Really he lifts up his leg trying to "climb" up me but without any ledge he has no choice but to put his foot back down and take a step. He has only just started doing this so I am excited to see when he will start increasing his daily steps until he gets the strength to walk.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Ryton's appetite has just sky rocketed. He not only eat his 3 jars of puree a day but I am also feeding him more and more solids. He still doesn't like the idea of feeding himself so I normally have to hold the meal up for him so he can take a bite or I will cut it into small pieces and hand feed him that way. He still loves taking bites out of my PB&J and sometimes when it is finished he will cry because he wants more. So on occasion I have had to get up and make another half a sandwich for him to get his fill. I have also introduced eggs to him this month. He has a half sister who was allergic to eggs so I was always nervous introducing this allergen. Although he broke up in a rash the first time he tried it, going forward he was absolutely fine.

He likes my banana pancake that I made him which was just banana and egg with cinnamon and nutmeg in it. Another course that he enjoyed was his baked apples with cinnamon in it. He favourite item that I was shocked with this month was prime rib. We went to a restaurant one day and Ouma got a french dip sandwich. We broke up some of the meat and hand fed him and he was obsessed. He kept complaining when we weren't fast enough feeding him and this was after he already ate his jar of fruit puree.

He is really eating a lot of food and so I am assuming he is going through a growth spurt because he is always curious about the food in my plate. Now he just needs to learn to feed himself, although I am still so afraid of choking that I do not mind making sure that his meal is in bite sizes.

Brave Boy

I have noticed that Ryton isn't scared of much if anything at all. When he was younger sometimes a loud noise would scare him into crying but otherwise he just observes everything. I noticed this around the house but what really sealed that in was when we had another trip to Turtle Bay. We went into the Parrot Playhouse and the woman was talking to us saying that he doesn't seem like he is scared. Apparently most children go into the parrot playhouse and start crying cause a parrot flew by them or landed on or near them. With Ryton, he just stares. Taking in the scene and the brightly colored flying lorikeets that come near us. It made me proud to know that the exposure Ryton is getting at home and out is allowing him not to be afraid of his surroundings.

A Boy and his Dog

Nyla and Ryton have just absolutely bonded this month. He will crawl after Nyla trying to play with her and she will do the same. If Nyla is lying there another loving aspect that he does is touch his head to her. We have discovered that his is his affection coming forth. We think of it similar to a kiss. It truly is amazing to see this relationship bloom.

That isn't the only animal Ryton is loving on . He also loves it when Stickers is on the bed. He will try and pet him and Stickers lets him. Sometimes he will come away with a fistful of hair, but he is trying and I am trying to guide him in the direction that will be both safe for Ryton and our animals.

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