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Ryton's Update - 11 Months

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I cannot believe that Ryton will be 1 year already. This last year has flown by once all his colic symptoms stopped. His achievements make me so proud and I can't wait to see what he learns this next year.


Ryton is still standing but he is now trying to move from one table to the other. If I try and make him walk by holding his hands, he just flops down and refuses. So I will let him carry on what he wants to do.

Temper Tantrums

He has always thrown his head back for a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his own way but this month is really prominent. He doesn't like being told no and he is testing the boundaries and what items he can get away with it. It just makes it hard when these tantrums happen because you will be putting him down and he will just throw his head back. I clutch on to him to make sure that he doesn't hurt either of us but I am hoping this phase will pass soon.

Meat Eater

We are giving him a lot more adult food and he is enjoying that as well. He loves red meat. I always try and give him food off of my plate so that he is eating what I am eating. We went to a restaurant the other week and Ouma had a prime rib sandwich. Ryton would not stop eating the prime rib. He loved it. The same thing happens when he eats stew and dumplings. He loves oxtail stew and dumplings! He ate his normal dinner plus a dessert bottle (something fruity) and then he still wanted to eat loads of my oxtail stew and dumplings. My favorite meal is stew and dumplings so he definitely takes after me.

Playing with Everything

He has just been becoming more active every day. By the time it is time for bed, we are absolutely exhausted. He plays with everything besides his toys. Blinds, cat food, nappy bags, pens, dog balls....these are a few of his favorite things. I really don't know what the point of buying him any more toys. Regardless, I will always spoil him with nice things. As long as he is happy, I am happy too!


He has started saying Mama again. He stopped for awhile, about 2 months, and now he has picked it back up and is so proud of himself for saying it. He was saying Ouma and Mama but after he stopped we are just trying to get him to keep saying at least 1 word. I am also trying to have him say other M words. I ask him if he is moeg (means tired in Afrikaans) or to have him say more with food or even meer (more in Afrikaans).


Ryton loves to give high fives and he loves to be rewarded with a clap as well. He knows that if he does a high five we will all clap for him. The funny thing is that I will ask for a high five and he will do it and I will clap and say, "YAY!" He then looks to Ouma for his praise and she has to do a "Yay!" and a high five. Then is also looks to Ga. He loves to be praised for his accomplishments.


His new thing now is kisses. He mainly will put his head down and ask for a kiss but he also is starting to pucker his lips and give a kiss. He also will go and still put his head on the dog and cats and I will say, "Awww you love the doggy (or kitty)" and he smiles and will do it again. He is definitely a child that loves positive reinforcement.

I love recording his developments and I am so proud of him every day!

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