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Ryton’s Update - 6 Months

Learning Solids-

Well I always said at 6 months that I’d be starting Ryton on solids and I have done just that. His pediatrician told us that we should try him on vegetables first until he gets to about 12 different types and then start introducing fruit. We are in fact doing just that. I decided that I am going to be making my baby food at home instead of buying jars of baby food. Personally, I just never know what kind of preservatives are in there and if I can make my own food then surely I can make his twice a week.

His first solid was butternut squash which he wasn’t a fan of at first but the second and third day he ate the whole 2 tablespoons. Next came the carrots, however these we struggled making. We bought baby carrots and they wouldnt steam correctly nor could we cut them up finely even with breast milk added. Ryton wasn’t a fan of these because of the chunks. My mom then made spinach but she made so little that you couldn’t even blend it so we went back to giving him squash then. At the moment he is having zucchini and I will say he isn’t opposed to it. He isn’t asking for more, but he isn’t disgusted like he was with the carrots. So I call that a win! We gave him avocado as the first night he loved it. The second and third he wasn’t so keen.

I have bought bigger carrots to peel and steam and see if we can make this round better but I have no idea what kind of vegetable to do next. Peas he absolutely hated! I mean hated them!

We gave him some more vegetables as well as oatmeal and rice cereal for breakfast, however, he isn’t normally a fan but when we add banana he will eat all of his breakfast. We have started him on fruits, if you didn’t gather from the previous sentence and this child has an absolute sweet tooth. We have started him on trying banana which he is constantly asking for more. He loves the taste of apricots, lychees, and applesauce. Pretty much anything sweet and he enjoys it. To try and get him to not have full blown sweet meals I’ve started to give him veggies at the beginning of his course and then for dessert, he gets some fruit. It’s working well for us. This way we can at least know that he is getting some vegetables in his system.

Roll Over- Ryton is enjoying being able to be on the move a bit more now. He loves rolling onto his stomach and is so proud of himself when he does. Every morning he always wakes up at dawn and if I know he isn’t going back to sleep then I’ll have him roll onto his belly on the bed and put on a little video for him to watch. This gives me 30 minutes to properly wake up and also gives him 30 mins of tummy time first thing in the morning. It’s a routine that has worked perfectly for us.

Further along into month 6 and Ryton is rolling over non stop. He has always preferred to sleep on his belly but with being so small, we never let him. Now that he is able to roll over on his own, he starts out sleeping on his side and then will roll more so that he is lying on his tummy. This is where he gets the most sleep. Even when he is asleep, he will start on his back and roll onto his tummy or visa versa.

On The Move-

Now that Ryton is rolling over, you’d think that this would be enough for a month or so and you’d be wrong. Ryton thought that this moving thing is so fantastic that he has started to learn how to inch worm his way forward. He puts his head down and butt up and pushes with his legs until he propels forward to get to the toy/ phone/ anything that is in front of him. Normally it’s to touch the phone which is why I can’t get a video of it, but I’ll keep trying! Finally caught on camera.

Month 6 was a huge step forward physically for Ryton. He has achieved so much in this last month that’s his progress is incredible. Further into month 6 and Ryton is getting up onto all 4s and scooting his way forward. Here are a couple of videos of his progress throughout the month.

Video 1 is him trying to figure out his legs and how to move forward. He even grabs the blankets to try and move forward towards the camera.

But seriously look at these guns!!!

Video 2 is Ryton getting up on all fours and trying to scoot both legs forward.


Ryton has definitely found more interest in his toys this month. He loves anything that spins and is fascinated by them. Stuffed animals and those types of toys, he isn’t really interested in. It needs to spin and make noise. Those are his favourites.

Ryton weighs 15lbs 12 ounces and his height was 26.5 inches. This was Rytons weight at the beginning of the month, however, I can tell he has gained a lot of weight because holding him, picking him up, carrying him has all become a lot harder. I think the solids are making him go through a grow spurt and gain a couple of pounds. When we weighed him on our scale at home it said that he weighs 16.8, so you can see how much he has grown just this month.

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