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Ryton’s Update - 7 Months


Mama's Boy On May 31st we were eating steak at the dinner table. Ouma was complaining that she over cooked it. We also had putu, pap, and some zucchini with our meal. Ryton was in his high chair. I gave him pureed prunes to play with and to try and learn to self feed. He was cooing away when all of a sudden he said “mama!” I was so proud! His first words and he finally said mama. We didn’t get it on video as it was such a surprise and he didn’t say it again but it was such an exciting moment for me and everyone heard it!

Breaking Through

On June 10th (which is Granny's birthday) Ryton has been super agitated for a couple of days and he has developed such a rash all over his body. We could not please him. So that night I felt in his mouth and I felt a little bump starting to come through. I asked my mom to come and feel to double check and she felt the same thing. So at least we figured out why he was struggling to be comfortable, why the rash was breaking out over his body and why my poor boy struggled being happy in general. The next night I felt in his mouth again and you could feel the sharp tooth has broken through the gum. We gave him some tylenol to help him and alleviate some of his symptoms.

Swimming time

We took Ryton swimming for the first time as well this month. He didn’t like the cold water at first but once he got adjusted he was just taking in the whole scene. He enjoys staring at people and giving them the once over judging look and observing everything he can. We kept him mainly in the shade except for a few shots we took. After his day out he was exhausted and slept for a long time afterwards. It was a good day.


We have actually taken Ryton swimming multiple times and he has now grown accustomed to the colder water and is loving it! I am already starting to teach him how to swim. he really love kicking and bouncing in the water.

Ouma had her turn as well with our little joy!

Sitting up

Ryton is now able to sit straight up and hold this position without any support. The milestones happen so fast one week you are having to support him with your legs so he can practice sitting up and the next he doesn’t need your support anymore. You can see him accomplishing that in the boot of my car I’m the image below.

Turtle Bay

There is a little animal exploration center near our house and we decided that it will be really good to take Ryton so he can absorb and be exposed to all these different animals. Turns out that we love it too! You can read about Turtle Bay here as I don't want this to be distracted from Ryton's updates.

Ryton weighs around 18lbs.

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