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Ryton's Update - 9 Months

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I honestly cannot believe that Ryton is already 9 months old. All of his accomplishments and milestones surprise me. He is crawling non stop and is zooming across the carpet. Whether he wants to go and pet the dog, jump onto the roomba, or hang onto the table, he gets there.


Ryton has started to try and stand. He can't get himself up but once he is up and able to hang onto things and I barely have to hold him to support him. I have a feeling by the end of this month he will be standing on his own.

He was able to stand once on his own when we were on vacation but I haven't been able to capture it or see him do it again but he is getting close.

At the end of this month, he is standing all the time and peeping over his play pen to look out!


Although Ryton was babbling "mama" before I think he is starting to say it with some meaning now. He will say "Mama" or "mum" to get my attention. Throughout the month he has increasingly using the word knowing that mama will come. I can't wait for him to grow and learn in this department and to extend his vocabulary.

Self Eating

So Ryton has only taken a teething biscuit and brought it to his mouth but now today (August 1st 2021) he took his spoon for lunch and put it in his mouth for the first time. I was so proud as I have been trying to get him to hit this milestone for a long time. He did start getting frustrated by his lack of coordination and just wanted to be fed by the end of it but at least he started the process. I am so proud of this moment today!

More Teeth

Ryton has cut 2 more teeth this month. His top 2 teeth have come in and regardless of being a bit grumpy, he handled this time amazingly.

I lied, he cut 2 more on the top so now he has 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom.

Bear Crawl

When Ryton is on carpet, he will crawl amazingly right across the carpet, but once he is put onto hard wood or tile, he doesn't like the hard surfaces on his knees and so he would just stop and sit pondering how to get across. Well he finally figured it out. He started bear crawling across the wood floors and tiles to go where he needs to go.

During Ryton's 9 month old check up he weighed 18 lbs and his height was 28.5 inches.

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