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Rytons’s Update - 8 Months


Running through the mile-stones Ryton has hit not 1 but 2 milestones so far this month. Not only did he hit these milestones in the same month but the same day. He decided it was time to crawl and to sit up all on his own. His crawling reminds me of a puppy with big paws. He doesn't quite know what to do with his hands but he is making progress.

Further down the road of this month, he is crawling everywhere. Crawling to the dogs, crawling to look up at the fish tank. He is so happy that he is finally mobile that he just wants to move. However, this also means that he can get into everything. So I forked out $200 for a playpen for him to be in. At least this way he can still crawl around with his toys and I don't have to worry about him banging his head on anything. For instance, he will crawl over the to the metal table leg and headbutt the leg while he does.

Self Feeding

Ryton has never been one to take something and put it directly in his mouth. It is rare when he does to it so I was worried that he might never want to self feed. Low and behold this month he took a little teething biscuit and decided to chew on that. He wasn't sure about the chunks in his mouth afterwards and gagged a bit but he kept going back for more so I say that that is a success. He still won’t use the spoon to take to his mouth and I am so petrified of choking that I cut up his snacks even smaller. He really struggles with different textures in his mouth and seems to gag a lot on firmer items.

Playing with others

Ryton has now learned how to roll things (balls, water bottles, whatever wants to roll). He will sit there and use his thumb to roll something forward, all that time spinning his favorite toys helped him develop this skill. So I will sit there in front of him and roll the object back to him. Its a fun little game that I can finally play with him and teach those socialization skills that he isn't able to learn at day care. It makes me proud to see him develop this way.

A Dancing Baby

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but every morning Ryton gets his Afrikaans music on tv and watches that while mommy works out. He loves it and it keeps him quiet in the mornings before breakfast. Now he has always "danced" (basically swaying back and forth) to his videos, but now he is even tapping his feet. It is actually adorable to watch him react to the music and to see him dancing.

I also caught him extending his legs and shaking his booty. It looks like his is twerking which makes it that much funny.

God Parents

Some friends of the family invited us up to their do for her 60th birthday party. It wasn't a bit get together but some of the local South Africans all got together for a braai. I asked this family if they could be God parents to Ryton and they were over the moon. I know they have told me this story before but I don't think it sank in until this day. They had a son who was 4 years old and they were driving when a drunk driver hit them. Their son never made it. They then had twins, a girl and a boy. The boy only lived for 25 days, however the girl survived. They then had another daughter, but they did lose both sons. So it meant the world to be Ryton's God parents and I couldn't have asked for a better family. Ryton and his God dad just had an incredible bond. They just clicked and they were with each other for the whole day. Ryton even slept on him while we were all outside. It was truly adorable.

Growing Up

Now there comes a time when you realize that your baby is not your baby anymore. For me, that was this month and it was based on one thing only, his poop. His soft, wet nappies turned into little logs that roll around his nappies. One even fell onto my bed while I was changing him. This is how I knew my baby was becoming a big boy.

He has also been a lot more into his toys this month. He loves grabbing his car keys and shaking them and playing on his piano and drum set. Really anything to make noise. He smiles at the animals and if you put him down, he will crawl immediately to one of the animals that is lying around the house.

I cannot believe that he is already almost 9 months. The time has just flown by.

Ryton weighs about 20 pounds.

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