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Rytons Update- 3 Months


Now that we are over the colic stage, Ryton has really flourished. He is smiling and talking and is a bit more attentive now as he can focus on things without experiencing the gas pain. He is much more mobile now and doesn’t mind tummy time as much but he does get frustrated that he doesn’t seem to get anywhere no matter how hard he kicks.

He has become our bundle of joy and we are really happy that we are able to bond with him a lot more solidly now. He smiles at you and it’s rare but he can laugh as well.

This month we had to take him to UC Davis as they found a little bubble on his spine when he was born. We were anxious leading up to this appointment but in the end it became amazing news. The specialist said not to worry that it’s just a baby thing but it is rare enough that some pediatricians don’t know about it. It could go away but if it doesn’t it won’t affect his spine at all. We were so relieved that we drove up to Granzellas on the I5 and got one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had.

Ryton also got his first round of shots this month and the next day he came out with such a rash that we took him back to the pediatrician. We don’t know what caused the rash (it might have been my mom rubbing baby oil on him) but we know that this little one has a very sensitive skin.

I apologize in advance for the graphic rash but I figured that it is nice to compare. He also had yeast under his neck as well so the doctor just provided us with a couple of creams to help get rid of the skin issues.

One of the greatest reasons that I am working from home is experiencing Ryton’s milestones. He rolled over this month and I was able to capture that moment. I was so proud of him! Although that also means that he is going to be mobile very soon and I just don’t want him to grow up just yet. These last few months have already flown by.

Other than those updates we don’t have much more news. i tried sleep training him a bit as he refuses to fall asleep at bed time. I last 4 days before giving up. However mine was a partial sleep train. It was only to help him initially go to sleep but in the middle of the night I would give him boob. We cosleep, (yes I know it’s dangerous but it was what I decided was best for Ryton and I as he hated to be swaddled and alone. This was the only way for us both to get sleep) so it is easy to just roll over and give him a boob to go back to sleep.

I think he was a bit too young to try sleep training, however, I will admit it helped him initially go to sleep faster and not fight his sleep too much. Although he wakes up in the middle of the night he instantly goes back to sleep once his tummy is back to being full.

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