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Rytons Update- Month 5


At 5 months Ryton‘s weight is 15lbs and his height is 26 inches.

Skin problems- as you can tell from Ryton's previous skin problems, we were still having the same issues at the beginning of month 5. However, we have since been able to fix his rashes and his skin is so incredibly soft. Here are the things that we did to getting Ryton's skin baby soft. We went back to the doctor and he prescribed another steroid cream for his yeast rashes in his neckline and behind the knee. The doctor also said to try the neutrogena rain bath wash. He told us this information before but we could never buy the baby neutrogena anything but apparently it’s just the normal wash and you can get it at Costco, so we did. We also bought Honest eczema cream for his daily moisturising as he had such rough dry skin. I truly believe that this is what has really sorted out his dry flaky skin! I love this product and it has truly helped with Ryton‘s eczema. It was so flaky and itchy before as he’d always scratch anywhere he could. One last thing we started doing this month was bathing him everyday. To get rid of any allergen that might attach to him throughout the day and to clean all the drool that gets caught under his neck. Ryton also suffered from cradle cap and now it’s practically gone with this method.

Every morning when I change his nappy, I wipe him down and put honest moisturiser eczema cream on his whole body including his head. Then at night we bath him with rain bath body wash (I started using it as well and love it). I wipe it on his head and all over his body. I then put the honest cream all over his body again to make sure he doesn’t dry out from the consistent baths. If his neck, behind the knees, etc. need a little more tlc then I use the steroid cream. i will never change from this routine going forward! It has been a lifesaver and I’m so happy that Ryton finally can feel comfortable in his own skin.

Here was his before.

This is his skin now and it is so soft!!!!


Grabby- During month 5 Ryton has been grabbing at everything! He wants to hold everything and then purposely drop it. When I have to change his clothes, he will grab his clean clothes and shake it all around so that I can’t put them on. Any toy he is given, he grabs it, shakes it, and then throws it onto the ground where I have to grab it and put it back on his tray. He’s even grabbing the dog leash during our walks So I guess he wants to walk the dog.

A bit clingy- Before kids, the worse thing I would notice was everyone used pram! They were everywhere and you couldn’t go down an aisle at the grocery store without being jammed or find a seat at a cafe without peoples prams taking up half the store. I vowed that I would always carry Ryton and that I didn’t want a pram. Don’t get my wrong, we have a pram for when my mom wants to walk him but I don’t use it and because I am always around my mom and Ryton, we haven’t used the pram in about 4 months.

I carry Ryton in a harness anywhere we go. If we are travelling around the grocery store, I prefer to wear him. I find that it is more convenient, gives us more room in the boot (trunk) of the car, and he loves it! He loves it now so much that his preferred method to fall asleep is in his harness and he will cry and stay awake until I give in. He has really shown us how much he is enjoying going on his walks in the harness that I am heading outside twice a day so he can enjoy the stroll. I’m finally not lazing about at home and am forced to go out every day to get some exercise. Normally, I will face Ryton out of the harness for our walks or if we are around the house but for anywhere public, I will face him into me so that his face is somewhat more protected from other people. I honestly can’t remember when last I used the pram. Probably before he was 2 months old.

The harness that I have is very supportive and doesnt hurt my back with his weight. At first the weight was difficult and I couldn’t do it for long periods of time but now there is no problem. Plus now I try and keep my abs tight to support my back. My back has gotten used to carrying him around and obviously stronger and it doesn’t hurt me anymore so I definitely recommend doing this as well. I can walk for 2-3 hours around the shops with Ryton without any pain and he cannot get enough. He knows that when I put the harness on that he is going for a ride and will stop fussing.


Ryton has finally been able to roll from his back to front which now makes changing nappies even more difficult. However, I’m so proud of him! This month he has truly accomplished a lot.

Reaching Out

Ryton has figured out how to start reaching out to people. He will reach his hands out to be picked up, to grab someone’s face and draw them near, or to just touch you. This absolutely fills my heart! I love it when he asks for me in his own subtle way. Makes my heart sore! Or when he grabs my face and tries to kiss me but turns into a mouth open, wet slobber on my nose “kiss.” Still it’s adorable!

I will admit this does also mean that he is grabbing for pretty much everything else as well. I went to world market the other day and his arm kept reaching out to touch, literally anything and so I went to the crisp section and let him feel the bags there. He was in heaven! The crumpling noise of the bag, he refused to let go. He was fascinate. I thought that seeing the world through a Child’s eyes are the best thing but I was wrong. Watching your child experience everything for the first time is the best!

Rytons Hole in his Heart

Ryton was born with a hole in his heart. He had a heart murmur and his pediatrician wanted an ultrasound to see what was going on. Our first ultrasound, Rytons hole was around 8mm which was a larger hole and was told by the Doctor that at 2years, we’d probably need to interfere and patch him up. I cried, my mom cried, and gran cried at this news. It’s hard to hear bad news bit we remained positive and we prayed that he would be healed.

Our 2nd ultrasound, Ryton was around 4 months the hole shrunk to 2-3 mm big. We were absolutely over joyed by this news and thanked God for the turn of events.

Now that Ryton was coming up on 6 months old we had another appointment and the news was even better. The two walls in his heart have grown passed each other but they haven’t connected yet so the hole is still there but it’s only about 1mm big now and won’t require any interference from the doctors at a later date. We won’t be required to see the cardiologist until Ryton is a year old now. We are so thrilled that my boytjie is doing so well! Words cannot express the joy I am feeling to know that Ryton wont need another major to happen in his childhood and I think my sexy man is happy with that news too!

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