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Second Trimester


The second trimester. The better third of pregnancy. This is where you get your energy back, your nausea disappears (for most), and you can even start to feel your little one move. Its the exciting time during pregnancy as you aren't too rounded yet so you are still able to be highly independent. Its a beautiful time but also doesn't prepare you for the times ahead.

For my pregnancy, this is where I tried to continue working out, however, this good habit dwindled off during this time. I got more and more lazy from my morning workouts and would get up, go and grab breakfast, and sit down and read. I also started experiencing more aches and pains during this time. As my belly started to grow larger, my tailbone and back muscles just killed me. I eventually bought a pregnancy belt to help support my back muscles. I must admit, this helped a lot. I was able to go on walks without begging my mom to massage my back afterwards, or having to take a Tylenol to alleviate some of the pain. I hear that working out helped others alleviate some of this pain but thinking about doing fitness workouts while my back was killing me was just not going to happen. Also, in the area where we live the temperature in June and July hit over 110 degrees. So going for a walk was out of the question. This also didn't energize me in the slightest to wake up when it was already 90 degrees and then do a workout.

I was able to convince mom to go swimming in the lake with me about two times a week which really helped with my back issues. The weightlessness of the water gave me the needed relief as well as helping me work on my depleting muscles. I only had one costume that fit me, or that I didn't fall out of, and I would put on my cap and goggles and swim back and forth in the water till I got either bored or tired. More likely than not I would get bored before I got tired. This would only get me to swim about .35 of a mile before I wanted to go home.

During my second trimester, even though I knew the gender of my baby, I had a "gender reveal party." My mom gran and I met up with some of our South African friends and I made a gender reveal milktart. A milktart is a popular South African dessert that is basically custard pie with cinnamon on top and it is amazing. However, it is quite shocking to see the custard in a blue form. It doesn't look as appetizing as I wasn't used to it, but I promise you, the flavor is still amazing. It did make me wanting to start dying everything in blue though. I wanted to dye all my food blue. I was able to resist though.

The first couple times I felt my baby move I wasn't entirely sure if I was correct or not. They say it feels a bit like butterflies in your stomach, but I was just anxious as I didn't know if I needed to poop or if he was actually moving and that I was feeling him for the first time. As his kicks became more pronounced, that is when I started "fighting" back. I would play with this little man. He would kick at me and I would poke him back, gently of course. He would in turn kick back at me. It was our little game. I also noticed that my little babatjie would wake up anytime I was making a meal for myself. If I was standing in the kitchen and cooking, that is when he would wake up and start jabbing at me. Obviously he takes after me and loves good food.

I tried to eat lots of different flavors and cuisines throughout my pregnancy. I wanted him to experience the variety of cuisine in hopes that it will make him less picky out of the womb. I had no problem with eating spicy food, chinese, italian, smoothies, literally anything that I decided to make or try and make, I would serve him. I never suffered from any cravings (except a bit more of a sweet tooth) so I was able to provide a variety of different foods for him to try.

The downside of this trimester was the weight gain. It is very unnerving the rapid increase in weight that happened and it made it worse as I was hardly showing up until my 5th month of pregnancy. I felt like I looked like I was getting chunky without having a baby in me. My legs definitely increased in size. I felt bloated and it isn't a nice feeling. This in between of not looking pregnant but gaining weight was my least favorite bit about my pregnancy. I know that this was an irrational fear but it has been very hard to maintain a calm head about the changes my body is facing and how I can still come back from this life changing event.

Overall, my second trimester was fairly simple and easy. I had a few aches and pains that I either found ways around them or they fixed themselves several weeks later. I complain more about the heat in this California town than I do about my pregnancy. I have had it easy and for that I am grateful. I still have some irrational fears that I won't be able to control but otherwise I have had a very stable mindset. My fears have been surrounded by my own body more than being scared about having the baby. However, although I struggle with the mindset of the weight gain, I still provided my little munchkin with lots of food as well as giving into the sweet cravings. He never went without.

My last little bit of excitement during my second trimester was finalizing a name. I had a couple names in store for either boy or girl during my first trimester but knowing that he is indeed a boy made me streamline my thought process a little more. I wanted a different name first and foremost. I didn't want something that was common and so I came up with one part of the name, which at the time was going to be his first name. I then found a second name which I fell in love with and I had to have it. So the first name got bumped down to his middle name and his first name will be taken over by this different yet captivating first name. I am not going to reveal what his full name will be until he is born but I am proud of what I chose and I haven't swerved from my decision yet. I have always been the type that makes a decision and stands by it. I am not an indecisive person so I know that time will not change my mind at this point.

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