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Third Trimester

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I have started writing this post at 36 weeks pregnant. With 4 weeks left until my due date, I am sure that there will be more areas to address. I am in it though! I am in the last stretch of pregnancy. The first 2 trimesters went by quite slow, however August and September have flown by. Not just that, but we are already in the middle of October. I don’t know where the last 2 months went.

I am happy about a few changes that have taken place in this final lap. One of them is that my body is finally looking pregnant. Instead of looking bloated and not happy with how my clothing are fitting, my belly has now caught up with my other areas of growth and is growing every day during this last month. Of course this growth spurt gives me other areas to worry about but I’m happy that my look is now a “pregnant look.”

Another area that I am grateful for is my own baby’s health. Once I got to the third trimester, his rate of survival if born prematurely kept increasing day by day. It took a lot of worries off my plate. So every day that I get closer to my due date is a day that I knew my son had a greater chance at survival.

One of the negatives areas that I have to mention is the itchiness. Oh wow is it horrible. Your belly is just always itchy! I put oil on twice a day and it is still itchy. You wear wrong sort of fabric, something that you used to find soft, and it will drive you insane with the itchiness. Can you scratch this itch? Of course you cant because scratching may cause stretch marks. So I sit there, pinching the fabric on both sides of my belly of my shirt, dress, whatever I am wearing, and I drag the fabric back and forth along my belly to help alleviate some of this nuisance. My loofa has also become my best friend in the shower. I use this to "exfoliate" my belly. Oh who am I kidding, I use it to scratch and clean my belly and it feels amazing.

With my due date approaching, my doctor wanted me to start coming in every 2 weeks and every 2 weeks he measured my belly and asked if I was having any issues (which I have). He had his concerns about the size of my baby, saying that because I failed my 1 hour glucose test that my child could potentially be a bigger baby. My doctor kept approaching this subject and with my small stature (5’2) I don’t blame his concern. I don’t have the room to hold a big baby. However, he would measure my belly to determine the size of my bun and he kept registering a small baby. His concerns for me harboring a big baby were still around as he said, “You could be hiding a big baby.” For 3 visits, my son was measured on the small side. So finally I got my 3rd trimester ultrasound!

I was grateful about this as I love to see how much he has grown and how how he has developed over the weeks. my last ultrasound was at 21 weeks and now I finally get to see him again at 34 weeks. That’s a lot of time in between. They wanted to measure his size, weight, and see if he was overall healthy. His size was registering on the small side, so I wasn’t harboring a big boy. His weight estimated to be at 4lb 11oz. He was completely healthy overall and apparently he has a lot of hair! The technician showed me all his hair! I struggled to see what she was pointing to but knowing that this little man has so much hair that she can see it flowing in the water just made him more real. The first image you can see his nose and mouth as well as his hand cradled into his chin. The second image is of his spine and I think it’s so amazing that you can see the bone structure with this technology. The third image his face is pointed towards the left of the frame. you can see the eye closed and dark eyelashes, the nose, the mouth, the cheek, everything. The fourth image The camera is looking down his forehead almost. So you can see his left eye and his nose. His hand is covering up the bottom half of his face.

I tried to go to my 36 week appointment but my doctor had a complication at the hospital and caused me to reschedule. So my 36th week appointment became my 37th week and it seemed like it was going to be a routine appointment, except it wasn’t. This is going to be a bit graphic but hey, it’s pregnancy.

The weekend before I went shopping with my mom in town and with my little munchkin dropping lower (at least that is what I thought) that I wasn't able to control a bit of bladder leakage. I didn’t think too much of it, only that it’s another side affect of pregnancy. So not having a pad on me, I rolled up some toilet paper in my now damp undies and went about my day changing the toilet paper when needed.

Now going back to the doctors visit, he went to check my cervix and let me know that I’m now 2cm dilated and that the babies head is very low. I think he could feel it? My ”leakage” that happened the weekend prior was more than likely not a bladder issue but some water leakage. So I was told to go and hobble over to get a sonogram and check to see the fluid levels are still high for the baby. He is all good with his fluid levels and still perfectly healthy. the technician mentioned again that he has a lot of hair on the back of his head (I still couldn’t see it).

My visits now are becoming weekly visits as my pregnancy time is drawing to an end. The doctor said it could be any day that I go into labor. So I’m taking it day by day and honing in on what my body is telling me. If I have any more leakage, I am to go back and check to see if it’s not my water breaking just in case. I felt very naïve thinking that the wetness was urine. I still haven’t experienced any Braxton Hicks contractions or any other form or hint that labor is close by so my thought process was off. I would like my little man to bake for a little longer but if he’s anything like me, he will do what he wants to do.

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