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Weekend Trip to Napa

Updated: Mar 29, 2021


I personally have been to Napa twice before this trip and it was a lot of fun, but nothing can compare to taking this trip with my family. My mom and gran have never been to Napa, so when I got the day off of work I decided that we can all use a break. So we stuffed our car with too many clothes for the 3 days and drove the 3 hours to wine country.

We checked in at the Hampton Hotel. I only have good things to say about our stay here. They had amazing service and prided themselves on their cleanliness. I was very happy by the end of our stay with the hotel and I will probably stay there again.


Friday, we went to downtown Napa. We started with a little wine tasting, sitting outside and watching the traffic go by. We tried to check into our hotel early so that I can get out of my travel clothes but there was nothing available so I sat in my tracksuit drinking wine. The problem was was that I got uncomfortably warm. Next to our wine venue, there was a dress shop called Miyam and so I went inside.

I was delighted by what I found inside. Their prices were reasonable and I wound up buying 2 dresses and a belt from them. One of the dresses never came off after I came out of the changing rooms. Both dresses that I bought were around $50 each and they look so cute on.

This was one of the dresses that I bought and I wore it on Sunday. It is a good dress for a breastfeeding mom as it snaps (or unsnaps) for when your baby needs to do a little nourishing.

Friday night, we enjoyed dinner at Tarla. This is a Mediterranean restaurant and to be honest, it was ok. Would I go back? Probably not as there are so many other amazing restaurants to choose from in the area. Although my hummus and pita were good, I can say that I have had better. The calamari was a bit greasy for my liking and my lamb could have been more tender. Overall I’d give the restaurant a 3.5 out of 5.

Ryton was very confused why his Ouma suddenly had hair! Lol

Saturday was our adventure day. We drove about an hour out of Napa to the Castillo de Amorosa, the Castle Winery. Looking at all the vineyards and the wineries driving up was a pleasure in itself. My Gran became like a little school girl, “Oh! Look at that one, oh and this one! Wow! Look at all the flowers!” It was actually adorable and made my heart sing to see her enjoying herself that much. I knew then that the trip was a success.

We walked up and upon first glance, I loved the Castle. They had all these animals surrounding the castle. Huge pigs and goats, an Emu, and chickens! I was showing Ryton all of them. Even though he had no clue what was going on, I was enjoying myself completely.

I booked a tasting at the castle for all 3 of us. Each person cost around $55 and then there was taxes on top of it. They are a kid and dog friendly winery, you just have to have your tasting before 11am for the kids to be involved.

You get to choose 6 wines to taste from and they can range between white, rose, red, dessert wine and even grape juice. Prices were ranging from around $30-$100 for a bottle. It was a lovely day under the canopy and we all enjoyed the warmth.

Don’t mind all the glasses on the table.

Once we were done with our tasting, we then parked my Gran on a chair (as she can’t walk for very long) and Ouma and I set off to explore the castle. The views we found were breath taking.

After our morning adventure, we decided that we prefer to have a long lunch right after the castle than go back to the hotel, rest, get ready again and head out for dinner. So that is exactly what we did. We asked for a recommendation and set off back towards Napa.

Our lunch destination was going to be Bistro Don Giovani. This was recommended to us by our server at the chateau. Upon walking up to the restaurant, we noticed that it has a beautiful outdoor setting, but because we didn’t make a reservation , we were placed inside. Ryton was awake initially but then fell asleep soon after the bread arrived, which is a rarity. So we place him in his car seat, sat him next to the table, and he slept soundly the whole meal. It was a miracle. We were able to eat our food hot and our dessert cold.

Now I always say, you can judge how good a restaurant is by their bread. If they take time and effort to make the bread delicious and fresh, then can you imagine the rest of the meal?

That is exactly what happened! We were presented with an incredible focaccia. It was so delicious that we asked for a second round and they gladly provided us with some.

My Gran doesn’t normally like wine but she also lived up to her holiday and would try our wine when it was provided. So she tried my moms wine and I think based on her expression, she rather enjoyed it.

I don’t normally order salads but I do love Caesar salad and, you know, when in Napa. So I ordered a salad to munch on after our bread and it was really good. If I could have changed anything, I would have wanted more anchovies but I know that more often than not, people don't like anchovies. For our main dishes, my gran ordered meatballs, my mom ordered spaghetti and clams, and I ordered the risotto del giorno. None of us could issue one complaint about our meal. Everything was incredibly cooked and the service was amazing. Our server was very busy so she wasn’t always available but we weren’t in any hurry so it didn't bother us at all. I will say that mom had the best dish out of all of us. So if you go, order the spaghetti and clams.

With us thoroughly enjoying our lunch and mom squirming in her chair to try a bite of tiramisu, we decided that each of us will order a different dessert. Mom of course ordered the tiramisu. I went for the butterscotch pudding and Gran went after the crème brûlée. OH MY HEAVENS! They were all so good! The crème brûlée and butterscotch pudding were both so silky and smooth. The flavors were incredible. The tiramisu though. I could have eaten the whole thing. Dessert was definitely the highlight of this meal.

After stuffing our faces and finally rolling out of the restaurant, we made it back to the hotel to relax for the night. We were so grateful to not have to do anything for the rest of the night as we were all full and lazy. We also wanted to keep Ryton on his sleep schedule.

For our 3rd and final day, we decided to take pictures, have brunch and then drive all the way home. It was the best way to end our trip.

This dress I got from Vici Dolls. I am linking it here as it is the perfect dress for any Spring event. If you want to wear it to a wedding, for Easter, or even just to take pretty pictures in a field full of wildflowers, this is the dress to do that.

Once we were done with our pictures, I chose another restaurant on the same wine route and pulled the car into the driveway. I didn’t know anything about this restaurant or the food that they served. All I knew was that we were hungry and ready to head home. The restaurant I chose for brunch was Brix. We took a couple of pictures outside before we went in as we knew the weather was coming in.

My jacket is Blanknyc and I believe I got it from Nordstrom rack (love a sale) and my shoes I got from TJ Maxx.

Now if we are at any breakfast place and this 1 item is on the menu, my mom will choose to order it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This dish will always be her all time favourite. It is steak and eggs. So can you guess what they were serving at Brix? Correct, steak and eggs and she could not contain her excitement when she saw her favourite breakfast meal. I chose to order a short rib sandwich with fries, which was the special, and Gran ordered French toast. I did order their banana bread to start out with but I wouldn’t do that again for a number of reasons:

  1. I am allergic to walnuts and the banana bread had walnuts in it.

  2. They didn’t chop up the walnuts enough and therefore they sank to the bottom of the bread.

I will admit that my moms steak was incredible! Next time we go, I am ordering what she had. Now my sandwich was really good, but I also made a mistake ordering this as well. Apparently my luck ran out a bit. My sandwich had Kim Chi on it. Which tasted great! However, I’m breastfeeding and the cabbage gives baby really bad gas and cramps. So several hours later, Ryton was not a happy camper.

Overall, this trip was an amazing trip. By the time we were done with breakfast, we were ready to go home and so we did. We had nothing but positive things to say about this little getaway and decided that we are going to be doing more weekend trips around our area. I am already looking into where to go next. Perhaps Oregon? 🤔 We shall see!

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